Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lotto 649

Winning Numbers

Lotto 649
LOTTO 6 49

Draw date: Sept 26, 2015

Main Jackpot Draw

06  13  14  24  32  34 Bonus: 12

Guaranteed Prize Draw

The Lotto 649 Jackpot was not won. This Wednesday's Jackpot is an estimated $25 Million.
3 prizes of $107,111.40 in the Lotto 649 5/6 Plus Bonus category were won by winning tickets purchased in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.
The winning ticket for the Lotto 649 Guaranteed $1 Million Prize Draw was purchased in Ontario.

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JACKPOT Lotto 649 – how to win and predict numbers Thu, 21 May 2009 18:25:21 -0700

Playing lottery is a quick way to become an instant millionaire. Despite the fact that the chance of winning is very small, you will not win if you do not buy a ticket. 
However if you buy one, at least you will have a chance, right? All investments carry some degree of risk, and lottery is among the highest risk of losing. Nevertheless, it’s still an investment….only with high odds of losing. You just have to be prepared for that fact.
I don’t play lotto 649 very often, because I don’t win anything big in my life yet. When I play, the jackpot must be at least $15-$20 millions range and I restrict myself to one $2 ticket each time....
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