Friday, January 8, 2016

Lotto 649 Numbers

Winning numbers for 06 Jan 2016


02  35  37  39  43  44  BONUS  20



There was no Jackpot winner.
The Lotto 649 Jackpot  was carried over. This Saturday the Lotto 649 Jackpot is an estimated $7 Million.
3 prizes of $86,281.90 in the Lotto 649 5/6 Plus Bonus category  were won by winning tickets purchased in Quebec(2) and British Columbia.
The winning ticket for the Lotto 649 Guaranteed $1 Million Prize was purchased in British Columbia.

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One big doggy bag: Alberta couple's lottery luck due to misbehaving pets

The Canadian Press

ST. ALBERT, Alta. - A southern Alberta couple are $14.5 million richer thanks to two mischievous dogs.

Christian and Monique Etienne of Airdrie purchased the winning ticket for the Lotto 6-49 draw on Dec. 12 while getting supplies to clean up after their rescue animals.

Chancey the golden lab and Kira, a German shepherd, had made a mess with a package of scone mix and the Etiennes needed to rent a carpet cleaner at a gas station.

Christian discovered the win on the self-checker when he took the ticket back to a retailer a few days after the draw.
Christian and Monique Etienne pose for a photo
in this recent handout photo.
The Airdrie, Alta., won $14,519,825 on the
December 12 Lotto 6-49 draw.
 THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - Western Canada Lottery Corporation

His wife thought he was pulling her leg when he told her they'd hit the jackpot.

The couple don't have a lot of plans for their winnings yet, but it's a safe bet Chancey and Kira won't be spending much time in the doghouse.

“Right now we’re just enjoying the Cloud 9 feeling,” Christian said Tuesday as the couple's identity was revealed.
“We were talking about how we can just help to make a lot of people happy,” added Monique. “I’ve always wanted to take my mom back to Norway, her home country. Now I can!”
News from © The Canadian Press

POLL: Would You Give A Lottery Ticket As A Gift?

By Ken Silver

Would you give a lottery ticket to someone as a birthday gift or thank-you present?

Is it really worth it to give a gift that might get them nothing a week later? Or is the expectation of a win worth it in the end? Tell us what you think: Here

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